HelpšŸ„“ Dentsply Multimat Touch and Press error?

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Our Dentsply Multimat Press and Touch 2 started with a weird problem after bootup one morning and is showing this problem consistently since.

Normally the transparent touchscreen displays the buttons for the underlying left hand screen and right hand button field exactly over the location of the actual fields to be modified. However since the problem started this has changed. The touchscreen is still working but is showing the buttons in a different location then where the underlying screen and buttons fields displays them. For example: The left and right yellow arrow buttons which are usually active on the touchscreen right above were they are displayed on the underlying screen are now active elsewhere. If I want to press the left arrow I need to press on the empty space right next to where it is displayed on the screen below. If I want to press the right button I need to press at the far right end of the touchscreen, right next to the metal frame. Is seems that the touchscreen is still working but it only displays the buttons for the small left hand screen underneath (but in incorrect location). The buttons for the right hand side button field are not represented at all on the clear glass touchscreen any more. Ay idea what might be causing this issue?
What can I do?


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It is good till it works,Its very complicated screen,furnace is solid but keypad and backligt are not.Upgrated model with foil screen protector is a better than with glass film.Cant help with your problem

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