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We are considering selling our HAAS OM-2A wet/dry mill purchased from B&D Dental in January of 2015. The reason we are interested in selling the machine is simply the lack of volume we produce. The HAAS is a fantastic mill for creating custom implant abutments and bars with repeatable accuracy. You can mill base full cast crowns and frameworks as well as emax. The HAAS is a versatile piece of machinery. It is in good working order and we will pay to have it shipped to your location. The HAAS machine came with a powerful nesting computer with the hyperDENT software (version 2012) pre-installed. The software comes with most implant systems installed as well as custom implant strategies. We paid B&D 160K for the machine and it is still in excellent condition. Reasonable offers will be considered. Please send us any questions you may have regarding the machine and we will respond promptly.

What the buyer will receive:

HAAS OM-2A Mill – purchased from B&D

Various accessories including tools, fixtures, etc

Nesting Computer with HyperDENT v2012 installed

IMG_3887.JPG IMG_3889.JPG IMG_3888.JPG
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Are you still selling this machine?

Farrah Fawcett

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They wanted MORE than you could have bought it new! lol

Never sold. Lab was sold years ago....Mill I have no idea what happened to it?

I called the new owners (Forgot what large lab group) they didn't seem to know where it went! lol

Couldn't find it.

I love mine and happy to build you One.

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