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Can you guys recommend stain ?
I need grey color.
I have pentron artistains .
But they donnot make this product anymore.
I.m looking for new stain kits too.
I donnot want blue. purple grey.
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Mixing complimentary colors cancels the hue and creates gray.

InSync has a strong black that can drop value of any color.
Patrick Coon

Patrick Coon

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Best one Ive found is ivoclar anthracite.
Try mixing equal amounts of the Basic Red, Basic Yellow, and Basic Blue. This is the best gray I've found. I get an empty bottle out and weigh equal amounts in, put the cap on, and give it a good shake. Now I have a complex gray ready to go whenever I need it. I think it actually looks better than the anthracite. And if needed I can bump the color green, violet , or orange by just adding a little more yellow, blue, or red, respectively.
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