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I am done running my own business and getting rid of everything. I don't care one way or the other, so for now, since my technology skills are low to none, there will be no pictures. Also, since my landlord was always so nice to me, I told him I would ask if there was anyone interested in the space already being used by me for the lab. The lab is in the same building as an individual dentist, possibilities.... The business as such will not be sold. However, if someone wants to give me an offer for everything, and can contact the landlord and get an agreement set up for rent, well then there you go. Location is Salem, OR area. Also, I will not be paying any shipping. Again, if nobody wants it, it goes in the trash. So... here is a list. By the way, I was a one man lab.
  • U-shaped modular press-board office desk in green. (I would never recommend buying such used, but maybe you would). $50
  • Ney Vulcan D-130 burn out oven from EOY 2017. $400
  • Renfert Twister, 1 used lg paddle, one new lg paddle, one new 500ml, 2 used 500ml, 1 small paddle with 200ml bowl(may need new bowl, investment) EOY2013 $200
  • Handler 500-IV box and wand May 2019 (Wand probably needs rebuilt) $100
  • Schein Z-50 box and newer year old wand. $100
  • Homemade casting well on HEAVY metal and concrete base. $you drag it you got it
  • 2 casting arms (one got from dentist for extra parts). $50
  • casting torch with old hoses. $50
  • Johnson Promident ts-300zt HS handpiece with newer turbine. $50
  • 2 vacuums for furnaces, one used, one never used. $10, $200 respectively
  • Old working Jelrus Vista porcelain furnace with vacuum ( newer muffle, touch pad starting to give issues). $100
  • Vaniman Vanguard 1X,EOY 2017.(used for handpiece grinding) $200
  • refurbished Quatro Velocity X1 brushless with accumulator (used only for sandblaster). $120
  • run down sandstorm. ( not clean or really sealed, but it works). $20
  • run down Supper Sucker II with light splash hood and closable fish-mouth (used for plaster and multiple new motors, only for someone wanting everything) $1
  • Ibex press porcelain furnace 8/12 (either it isn't getting enough power for pressing, and/or the Triac went out again, but firing porcelain works fine) $100
  • small Nelson Steamer.EOY 2017 (says 1/2 gallon but only takes 1 quart of water, gets stuck if pressure is at top and won't steam) $prob. trash
  • buffalo laser pinsetter (does anyone still even use pins, I haven't for years and years). $50
  • Old swift sm-80 microscope, weighted table stand $100
  • Older Meiji EMT microscope, side table mount (it has some cosmetic issues but works). $50
  • Stacy non-adjustable articulator $10
  • Custom grinding box with replaceable glass top and back hole for 1 1/2 vacuum hose, aluminum, 33'' wide, 17''high, 17''deep, 5 3/4'' high arm openings, glass = 18 1/4'' * 32'', not sealed arm holes. $200
  • 2 Almore waxers with one used and one new wand; 2 small curved, one lg, curved, one flat spoon tips. $100
  • Old buffalo 10'' wet model trimmer (old and looks it with lots of leaks but works) $ another only if want everything I think
  • new Schein 10'' carborondum disk $10
  • new Dedeco 12" ' ' ' disk with extra hole (bought wrong one once). $10
  • old red-wing lathe (needs new chuck changer at least, but works). $30
  • Carlisle rope-style engine unit, 1/5 hp. $150
  • old whip-mix vibrator $2
  • Super Dent ultrasonic (9.5'' wide, 5 3/4''deep, 4'' high useable tank size). $75
  • Ney miniglaze 2. $100
  • Custom, two sided, home made, no pressboard, bench with middle top rack, plumbed for electricity and air, approximately 4' *8' table top, 32.5''height of table top, center rack is two tiered and 22.5'' over table top total, with air and electricity outlets on bottom of center rack above table top, two small drawers under table on both sides, four person capable, or two person two station capable. $100 or you drag it you got it.
  • and of course, random consumables (burs, plaster, used C3 porcelain kit, very little press ingots (( e-max and GC)) random hand tools, Lustre kit, etc.
Again, I am mostly listing this to seem like I am doing all I can to reasonably get out without just dumping everything. Also, I wanted to at least be able to say I tried to help the landlord with the space. If anyone is interested, I probably can find someone to help me get you some pictures.

No rush, if it is not gone by July 30, it is in the trash. I would say July 31, but I need to be able to get it to the trash. Prices listed only to follow the rules.
I know Im late to the game here but do you have anything left?

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