Fried Sirona MCXL control board



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Hi guys. Looking for some insight here. I have a friend using an MCXL with four motors.
The machine was milling then went kabooom. When I opened it the power supply and the control board were burnt.
We repaired both but still nothing on the screen. The control board powers up with LEDs on and all but no screen.
I looked on ebay for a replacement board and found one without the cpu board. I also found other boards with different, probably upgraded, hardware.
The board we have is d3439 E2 6386390 and the one I'm interested in on ebay is D3439 E5 6187087.
Anyone did a swap or upgrade from the E2 to the E5 version. I can always buy the E2 version and try it with the CPU board I have. I'm just afraid the cpu board is also fried.
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