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The Digital Advantage for Casting and Pressing: Why Today’s Top Labs Use Hybrid 3D Printing Production Workflows, and How They Do it

Presenter: Sam Wainwright
Provider: AEGIS Publications, LLC
Commercial Supporter: Formlabs
CE Credits: 0
Cost: $0.00
Date and Time: February 13, 2019 @ 7 PM ET

This webinar will discuss how 3D printers and specialized materials with dental CAD software can help your dental lab scale production of fixed restorations in-house. Practical tips for building digital production workflows using 3D printing patterns will also be shared.

Leaning Objectives:

  • Explore ways to reduce labor and achieve more consistent results with hybrid digital/traditional workflows
  • Discuss tips and design considerations for fixed restorations and RPD Frame Nesting
  • Determine business benefits to introducing digital workflows
Mr. Wainwright is the Dental Product Manager at Formlabs.
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