Free Remote Workshops That Include Virtual One-on-One Training



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Wide Variety of Courses Including CAM Strategies for Reducing Costs and Increasing Profits

We've launched a series of free, remote digital dentistry workshops designed to provide comprehensive training as quickly as possible—so
companies can use this time to sharpen their skills before the impending rush of pent-up demand.

Our Technical Educational Services organization has launched their Virtual Academy to enable incremental skills development by expanding their traditional classroom offerings to an online platform accessible to dental professionals across the globe.

Courses are focused on tools, technologies and best practices—derived from over 800 man-years of manufacturing experience—that will improve the bottom line for dentists, labs, and milling centers and help carry them through the coming months while creating a more prosperous future.

There are two programs offer through our Axsys Virtual Academy:
Offering 1: Power Assist Mastercam, self-paced, web-based AND instructor-led, full-on CAD/CAM training, like industrial, you're working in a shop stuff. This includes us providing you with actual Industrial CAD/CAM software, with excersizes and 4 private review sessions with one of my senior application engineers. I have to warn you though, this can seem a bit intense and requires some work. I assure you, it will be work it.

Offering 2: One-on-one individual workshops dedicated to you that last from one to two-hours depending on how far you wish to go down the rabbit-hole (or in this case coyote-hole). Initial topics include: Principles of Machining, Cutting Tool Technology, Machining Strategies, and Jigs & fixtures. These workshops are ready however I am struggling with Eventbrite to get them posted in a way that automates the registration process.

For now, please email: [email protected] to register for any of the four Workshops. To register for the Power Assist training, just follow the links provided in the link below. Additionally you can contact Mike Madden via email: [email protected] or by phone : 248.926.8810 or Toll Free: 855.687.7941

Our DLN brother Rob at Patriot Dental Lab is in the process of completing the first Power Assist training program. I will let him provide his thoughts on the work required and relative value to the training which I believe to be great in terms of content but even greater by getting a chance to "pick-the-brains" of some of my very senior manufacturing-experienced support engineers.

So, now I have built it—Will you come?

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it has been built!! now the people must come!!!
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