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If anyone is interested, I am going to be leading a clinic at Labday West 2017 that has been approved for 1 Scientific CE Credit.

Its called Behind the Panels: Key Elements of a High-Quality Dental Mill.

If you are in the market for a Dental Milling Machine. I highly recommend attending this free clinic to learn what's really important in a milling machine to make informed purchase decisions. Plus you can earn CE credits.

There’s a wide variety of CNC dental machining centers available and choosing the right one can be a pretty daunting task. Attend this clinic and learn how to compare dental milling machines and find the best value for your needs.

If that isn't enough there is so much B.S. out there, misinformation given (intentionally or unintentionally) by suppliers about what they or their machines can do its easy to make a less than ideal decision for you lab.

I will basically be distilling my 40 years of manufacturing and CAD/CAM experience into an in-depth review of the various elements of machine tool construction and their effects on machine reliability, life cycle, cost of ownership and restoration quality.

I will couple these machine concepts with CAM Software considerations to enable prospective buyers of digital dental manufacturing technology the ability to sift through the basic marketing collaterals offered by suppliers and understand what is there (or not there) and know what the information/specs supplied mean- again, in terms of machine quality, reliability and cost of ownership.

You will also be able to determine what is relevant in their marketing materials, and ask meaningful questions of suppliers when determining which manufacturing solution best fits you own short and long term quality, production and cost of ownership needs and objectives. Attendees will get a copy of our "Top 10 Questions to Ask" machine suppliers.

Upon completion of this lecture the participants should be able to:
  • Describe the key components of a quality milling machine.
  • Understand how each component affects machine life, tool life and restoration quality
  • Understand the importance of proper fixturing.
  • Realize the importance of CAM Software, understand the importance of machining strategies and proper machining parameters.
The course will take place Saturday, May 20, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Orange County in the Laguna Suite, 2nd Floor. Participants who register prior to May 19 receive a free ROI calculator. Click here for more details or to register for the event.

For more information or to register click here.

Plus, it would be great to meet some members of the DLN.

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