FREE 2-hour exocad advanced training at Lab Day West!



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Follow-Me Technology North America and DOF Inc. are sponsoring a FREE 2 hour, advanced exocad training session at LMT Magazine, LMT LAB DAY West with CAD expert Joe Abad Santos.

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He'll uncover exciting new ways to use your exocad software to scan and design complex full arch cases—from zirconia/titanium hybrids with facial cutbacks to thimble bars with individual crowns. There will also be scan and CAM tips, tricks, and techniques to ensure your digital success with these types of advanced designs!

2 scientific CE credits

For more info, check out the FOLLOW-ME! Facebook page ( or the LMT online show guide (

Friday March 19, 1-3 PM PDT (Salon VII, 2nd floor)
Saturday March 20, 1-3 PM PDT (Salon III, 2nd floor)

Who's Joe? He's the owner of a digital dental company offering design services for complex CAD/CAM restorations. After 19 years in the industry, he's successfully merged his traditional training and experience with new developments in digital technology. He's a trusted beta tester for leading manufacturers of CAD/CAM equipment and software.
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