Foundation layer.



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Miyo Clementine is just SO AWESOME!!! Not to mention Lumin Plus, Slate, Sage & Cobalt newbies!!!🙂
Tell me when you use the Clementine and for what indications. Slate, Sage and Cobalt. Tell me more about them please


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There was a discussion about the importance of applying the foundation layer on both zirconia and lithium disilicate copings before building up ceramic.. I thought I want to know what the guys on dln would say about it's importance and the way to apply it.

And would a glaze firing be enough instead of both zirliner and foundation firing?
The whole point of having a Zirliner is to give you the desired shade and since Zirconia is not fluorescent, zirliner does that. Also if you do not have enough clearance to stack porcelain, zirliner gives you that depth in color. It is not that expensive VS labor to get to the desired color. Also it is fired at a much higher temp than body ceramics to bond to your coping.
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