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    Faith In Humanity.....

    Discussion in 'TD Dental Supply' started by rc75, Dec 26, 2017.

    1. rc75

      rc75 Well-Known Member Sponsors Full Member

      Oct 2011
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      San Gabriel CA
      Just thought i'd share my story.....

      Sunday night ( Christmas Eve) I was driving home and saw the older homeless guy that's recently been hanging out by the local 76 gas station so I decided to drive through the McDonald's across the street & buy
      him a combo. So I get the food and drive back across the street to give it to him. I get out of the truck and hand him the food and he says 'thank you' about 6x's but I could tell he has a problem speaking correctly. I tell him
      'have a Merry Christmas' and go on my way. I get home a few minutes later and I can't find my wallet. I go crazy looking through my truck trying to find the damn thing. I think to myself....5hit, the only time I got out of my truck in the last hour was to give the homeless guy his food. So in a panic I rush back to the 76 gas station to the area I had stopped and got out. I was looking around and nothing no wallet. I figured my last hope was to interrupt the homeless guy eating and ask if maybe he saw someone pick up my wallet. As I start walking towards him he turns around at the same time and starts to say hey hey hey hey hey and reaches into his jacket
      pocket and pulls out my wallet and hands it to me. I was SHOCKED to say the least! All money was inside
      and he smiled when I told him 'thanks'. I gave him a few bucks and a went on my way.
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