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Exocads DentalDB is not a database software as such. As far as i know DentalDB is set of functionalities, which include saving files to given location in harddrive (or network drive),but it also formats and passes SQL queries (or in common term, instructions) - these queries are passed to external piece of software, like sqlite (which has its limitations) or sql server which then in turn does things with a database. DentalDB does not manage database, sqlite (or sql server software) does it.

In exocad (like in 3shape) scanned files are not actually part of a database: database contains various bits of information, like patient name etc.. and it contains reference to location of saved files - or reference to file itself. This means that database (sqlite3 or sql server) and files can be on separate machines. This means that Exocad can be changed (migrated) to run on sql server instead of sqlite, but it requires expertese. IT company knows how to do it. Good starting point is: https://wiki.exocad.com/wiki/index.php/DentalDB_Migrating_SQLite

I must point out, that migrating Exocad to use sql server (weather that is mariadb/mysql/mssql server) might mean a scenario where an sql server is operating on a computer (windows or linux) and scanned files are stored in NAS if your NAS does not have compatible sql server option available (edit: as tehnik pointed out, mariadb is available on some nas's) . Other option is that files are saved on same computer that sql server is running on and other computers access that one computer - NAS then becomes just a backup storage.
Hi Jussi, thats an interesting topic. i would like to chat with you about that. how can we get in touch. i cant find a chat or messsage function on DLN.

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