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Hey All,

Is there someone who knows how to setup the .config file for a custom stock abutment library? Setting it up through the Implant Editor I get two error messages:
  • No compatible library with implant connection ID BASIC could be found. Check if ID is spelled correctly or if the matching library is missing from the implant library directory. Abutment Library Stock

  • [Error][1] entry 'Abutment Library Stock' file 'basic_v1.stl': is missing .partInfo file for Stock-abutment

For Libraries with a Screw channel I don't get any issues and they work flawlessly. But I can't get it to work for Stock type Libraries, since I'm either missing the ID (I've found libraries without <Implant_ID> tag in the config files that come from OEMs and work),or the .partInfo file which I can create from other xml files (same like you can do with .config files),but I'm always missing something to get it to work.

Anyone had similar experience or knows way to create the Stock Abutment Library for a new set of parts?

Looking forward to your experience and a fruitful discussion!
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