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    Do you buy bullion or coins? Where& Why

    Discussion in 'Metal' started by user name, May 3, 2012.

    1. user name

      user name Well-Known Member Donator Full Member

      May 2010
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      Well, look at golds history. If you apply the 'rule of 72' with your investments...divide your interest rate into 72, and you have the number of years it will take to double your money. If you invest in a diversified portfolio that roughly mirrors the broad market, you should be able to conservatively get 7%. That means about every 10 years youll double your stash. Gold has had some great highs in the last decade, but if you bought and held for the last 10 years youd be loosing compared to an index fund.

      Any saving is good, so if playing with shiny things help incentivise you then do it. Theres far less problem in picking the wrong way to save. As long as you save something youll be better off. Just kill the debt monster first.
    2. Juko

      Juko Active Member Donator Full Member

      Aug 2015
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      Interesting points. Of course the debt monster is being addresses and will continue to be forever. This is all in fun thinking. It's all fun and games until someone goes broke.
    3. XxJamesAxX

      XxJamesAxX Active Member Full Member

      Aug 2011
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      I buy from apmex.com

      I started buying precious metals about 10 years ago and have become slightly addicted. Particularly love silver. (I think mainly because originally I couldn't afford to buy anything else.)

      When silver is under $15 I will load as much bullion as I can. Mostly in the form of 10oz bars. When it's over $15 I tend to by more coins.

      I started buying bullion in 2007 for like 10-12 an ounce, in 08-09 or so I managed to grab some for under $10 an ounce. In 2010 prices really started to climb and I bought all the way up to $20an ounce. In 2011-2012 I sold all my bullion for between $40-$45 an ounce.

      So yea there is definitely money to be made in silver. How long will it be before the next big spike I have no idea but I can just about guarantee if you buy and hold you will make money off silver. In the mean time just enjoy owning it.

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    4. wwcanoer

      wwcanoer Active Member Full Member

      Mar 2009
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      Northern California
      Or eating with it, how many of us have inherited sterling tableware? I have settings for 14 . . . .

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