Differences Between S300/600/900 Arti Scanners



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Just browsing around for scanners and I am trying to figure out what exactly the differences are between the Zirkonzahn Arti series of scanners. The catalogue points out almost the same information for each scanner while I am trying to figure out which one would be best suited for the lab. It is regarding a crown and bridge lab. For all I know the S300 suffices but would hate the 'if I had only known before' moment! Any Arti experience out there?
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Glenn Kennedy

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This web page gives an overview of what is different about each model: https://www.zirkonzahn.com/us/cad-cam-systems/our-scanners
It also leaves a lot of questions. "Upgradeable scanner". Exactly what can you upgrade? Are all three the same speed? Do all three have the same accuracy? Do all three include the same fixtures for various scanning scenarios?

I will never understand why companies that are offering technology products will leave their marketing materials so vague. It really hinders the purchasing process.
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