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Hello to all,

This is Sinan Günüç from Turkey from [Mod edit: Redacted]. I want to get your ideas about denture teeth production inside the lab. As far as we know; lowest level of denture teeth prices are around 3-4 USD for a full mouth. However, there are a lot of worries about the quality. If you would get an approved material; and produce denture teeth inside the lab; what do you think about this kind of business idea? The process will be easy like creating a model. One staff will be producing 100 Full mouth teeth by 3 Layer in 1 day. The cost will come to 1-1,2 USD including all things. The quality of material based on shading and hardness will be at the level of Ivoclar Vivadent, Ruthinium Acrylux etc. And the most critical thing is teeth development will be made by your guidance.

As a last point; the ROI time will be less than 24 months if you pay 5.000 USD per month for denture teeth.

I want to get comments about this issue. Please share your comments with me.

Regards to all again.

Mod note: You are welcome to ask questions, and to seek input to your business plan, but not to market/advertise without a Sponsorship role.
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I just read your post, and thinking about your proposal. The main thing here is how to make to good color of the teeth ( A2, A3...) as current maker in the market, especially from China. The mould is easy to make.

Thank you

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