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Hey there everyone! I am an RDT in Canada, and have been asked to participate in a curriculum review on one of our few schools up here that offer dental tech as a program.

One thing I've been asked to think about is, “What do graduates of the Dental Technology program have to do out there, that we need to prepare them for through the program?", generally, and specifically in Ortho also. I understand not all programs are the same, but I am just looking for some thoughts out there. Think back to when you graduated, what would you have changed in your program that would have been helpful to get you where you are now in your career?

Hope to hear from you guys soon, thanks in advance!


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I think in my graduate program i feel that there is lack of practice if they provide us more then it may helpful more to us.


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I graduated from a school and knew just enough to be dangerous and not enough to do anything in an amount of time that is profitable. I know the chemistry behind how acrylic shrinks. I learned so much peripherally important information, made to satisfy college criteria. It sure helped me be able to problem solve, but I was not able to make a sellable product. IMO I think dental labs should be in trade schools not colleges. Schools are shutting down left and right because it is expensive, the labor pool is shrinking, and the beginning salary is near minimum wage.
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