Dental Laboratory Technology Board Announces Updated Examination References



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Dental Laboratory Technology Board Announces [INVALID]d Examination References

Tallahassee, Fla. — Committed to maintaining relevancy in the dental laboratory technology profession, the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology (NBC) recently announced a new reference list for its Certified Dental Technician (CDT) and Recognized Graduate (RG) examinations as part of the CDT program’s revalidation process.

“NBC has been working extremely hard behind the scenes in 2015 and 2016 to [INVALID] our certification programs,” said NBC Chair Heather Voss, CDT. “These [INVALID]s include modernizing our exam blueprint, enhancing our references, modifying our practical examinations to reflect current practices and technology advancements, re-working our written examination question banks and reviewing eligibility requirements to take the exam.”

These references will be active for any examinations offered by NBC after January 1, 2017. Most of these references are written by notable industry leaders and can easily be purchased through Quintessence Publishing.

“It is time to make a change regarding the references that our program uses to create its written certification examinations,” said Voss. “By [INVALID]ing [INVALID]d examination references that are more applicable to today’s dental technology climate, we believe that we can elevate the level of our certification program.”

The CDT designation demonstrates a significant mastery of the knowledge and applied skills needed in dental technology. It illustrates a technician's commitment to the field of dental technology and demonstrates their knowledge in all six specialty areas. Individuals who obtain the CDT designation have demonstrated a competency not all of their peers will achieve, says Voss.

“I am a second generation certified dental technician and this program was a way for me to prove my level of knowledge and skill against a national standard set by my peers,” said Voss. “It is a way to unite and elevate our profession. I take pride in being a CDT and I can think of no greater letters of recommendation than CDT after my name.”
For more information on the CDT certification, visit If you have any questions, please contact the NBC office at (800) 684-5310 or [email protected].


About NBC:
The National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology was formed in 1955 as an independent certification organization dedicated to improving the quality of dental laboratory technology through voluntary testing and certification of dental laboratories and technicians. This is the only voluntary certification program for dental laboratory technicians recognized by the American Dental Association. For more information on the NBC, please visit

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hmmmm, interesting!
so it wont be based on 1960s dental technology any more?
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