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Hello everyone. It's been a while since I was active in these parts. I forgot that I had my school email linked to this account so I was not receiving any notifications. I'm back and hope to be around both personally and professionally. If you see D3Tool posting that is me, but posting professionally, as a sponsor, and in a business capacity representing my company and products. If you see patmo141 posting, that is me posting personally, as a dentist, a techie, proponent of open source software and harmonious doctor lab relationships. If you catch me confused, hocking my wares through patmo141 or talking about off topic things as D3 Tool, please call me out. I'm new at this. It's good to be back. The culture of sharing knowledge, tackling problems and community here at DLN was very important in my formative years as a young dental student. That's why I'm back here! In summary

patmo141: me, a regular general dentist 3 days per week
D3Tool: also me on Wednesdays and Fridays, writing code, supporting customers, etc
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Is there anything that you can't do well so that some of us could feel adequate?
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