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I created D3Splint as a way to take my 3D programming hobby from an aimless, fun way to spend time to something a little more meaningful with a purpose and a goal. In 2017 I had about 8 years experience with 3D programming in Blender. I had made a large collection of free scripts and tools but never created a true A to Z workflow. That was around the time of the the first long term intraoral 3D printable resins that were compatible with affordable desktop printers. It occurred to me that the only way to get a $5000 printer to create a night guard direct from an intraoral scan was with $7000 worth of software and $5 worth of resin. To me this was my opening to try and focus my efforts on a single task and do it really really well.

These were the goals I set out to achieve

a) do something as well as or better than the current commercial offerings
b) do it at a fraction of the price of current commercial offerings
c) make it business sustainable to sponsor my programming hobby (addiction)
d) actually make a digital procedure that is superior to the analog procedure
e) promote open source awareness
f) have fun

For 2 and a half years I have spent nights, part of most weekends, holidays and one year of Wednesdays dedicated to this. I have steadily improved features and workflows, usability and speed. This is the result!

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