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Join Whip Mix, GC America and Preat for a day of CE programs covering trending dental techniques and products. All courses are NBC approved for 2 credits. Event will take place at the Hyatt Regency Orange County in Garden Room 1 & 2. Clinic descriptions below.

CDT Classes include:

Creating a Window Between Full Contour Zirconia & Layered Zirconia

Presenter: Doug Frye, DTG, CDT | 9:15 – 11:15am

Create a much more esthetic restoration using this simple time saving and predictable technique developed by the presenter. He will be sharing his “Cut-Back Window Technique” in green state zirconia. After sintering has taken place, internal staining with GC Luster Paste and layering with GC Enamel ceramics leaves the ceramist a more esthetic restoration compared to monolithic techniques. This technique also incorporates another product that laboratories can offer to their clients.

Occlusion and Articulators in Digital Dentistry
Presenter: Al Fillastre, CDT | 11:30am – 1:30pm

While digital technology has brought many amazing advances in accuracy and control into the production of dental prosthetics, it has also brought with it an inappropriate dependence on the technology. Many technicians are losing sight of proper occlusion, function, and the very important role articulators play in defining and refining proper occlusal function. This is of particular importance when producing larger cases in general, particularly those that include the anterior teeth. This program will distill through all the mystery of what articulators do, how to easily understand when and how to implement their use in the lab, and how to incorporate them into the digital work flow.

Treatment Planning and Restoring the Edentulous Patient
Presenter: Chris Bormes | 1:45pm – 3:45pm

A didactic overview of the theory and criteria necessary for the Dental Team to decide when to restore the edentulous arch with a fixed detachable, overdenture bar, or overdenture stud prostheses. The attendee will learn what information is necessary for treatment planning, how to communicate this with Dentist partners, and why to choose certain treatment modalities. The course will have an emphasis on removable treatment options.

Advancements and New Alternatives for the Edentulous Patient
Presenter: Dr. Mark Montana, Prosthodontist | 4pm – 6pm

This lecture discusses current treatment modalities for the edentulous implant patient and presents a new, exciting alternative that offers a balance between functional and esthetic expectations and patient financial requirements. The Zest Dental Solutions’ F-Tx concept is an advancement in fixed implant reconstruction for the edentulous patient, allowing for freedom in selecting the restorative medium while simplifying clinical procedures and reducing inventory and armamentarium requirements.

To register for CDT course please visit link below:

I hope to see some of you there?!?!
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