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    Discussion in 'Porcelain' started by Decalcified, Feb 13, 2018.

    1. Decalcified

      Decalcified New Member Full Member

      May 2017
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      after 11 years as a Ceramist I still struggle with contacts. Anybody have a good and fast way to get nice broad (not wraparound) contacts? Is it faster to over build and grind back, or under build and add them last? Any thoughts or tricks? Thanks!!
    2. Car 54
      No Mood

      Car 54 Well-Known Member Donator Full Member

      Nov 2007
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      The frozen tundra
      I prefer to overbuild them a bit, and add a little porc. under the contact area after I remove it from the model. At least if you have to add on this way,
      you'll be adding on to a canvas that's pretty much already there, making add-ons less of a struggle. It is still something that at times can take me 2,
      sometimes even a 3rd add on during the glaze, depending on the path of insertion. I like, and so do my accounts, broad and deep contacts whenever and wherever I can in harmony with the tissue and emergence.
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