[Cold-Cure Pour Acrylic] HardPour: highest impact pour denture base acrylic on the market



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HardPour is our amazing cold-cure pour acrylic that is stronger and longer lasting than any other high impact pour acrylic on the market. Our customers say HardPour is much more aesthetically pleasing with the way it shines and how it does not discolor over time like other market leading acrylics with consistent results every time. Additionally, we carry the same shades as Lucitone 199. HardPour has quickly become a no-brainer move that decreases labor costs and improves the quality of your final product without any major changes to your current equipment or workflow.

Request a sample: https://www.snowrockusa.com/hard-pour

We will post additional information soon and welcome any questions and/or testimonials in this thread.

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