Cerec Inlab MCXL Burs For Sale 12S 20S and Pointed $18 each



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I have over 1000 burs for sale 12s 20s step burs and pointed burs off all sizes. they are not Chinese or copies they are oem refinished burs. if you need burs for you milling unit we have them!! we offer a cutting edge recycling and refinishing process that brings your burs back to life. therefore, we need your burs before we can send your bur back. However if your in trouble and need burs fast I can send you some 2nd day FedEx before I get your blanks as a curtsey.

If you need more than one like 6,12 or even 150 burs just ask us. No Broken burs please, broken burs are not refurbishable. You can however mix and match any bur type among the 12 12s and 20 burs of MCXL or Inlab family including the compact .. We will only return the burs of the same types you have provided. (ie. if you send us 4 step and 2 pointed burs, then that is what you will get in return.) You pay only one-way shipping (from us to your office) at checkout. Once you have completed your order, you will then receive a prepaid envelope within two days to ship your bur or burs to us. Upon receipt of your burs, we will remove the existing diamond coating and replace them with our advanced diamond coating. These burs are guaranteed to mill better and faster than the OEM. These are newly recycled burs and are one of a kind not found anywhere; we use a special proprietary method making your burs better than new. Don't toss your burs into a landfill? They were made with care from Sirona and served you well, give them another chance to do so again. Just send us your old unbroken burs and we will send them back to you better than new! These are your burs, they are not those cheap Chinese or Spanish burs with mild steel shanks that are flooding the market. These are your original Sirona burs with newly replaced advanced diamond coating. We have extensively tested these burs to cut eMax, EmpressCAD, zirconia, Enamic, and Lava Ultimate. Satisfaction guaranteed or you money back. We can work with any of the following Step Bur 1260-52-265 Cylinder pointed bur 58-55-734 Step bur 12s 62-40-167 Cylinder pointed bur 12s 62-401-59 Step bur 20 bur 62-59-597 Cylinder Pointed bur 20 62-59-589

feel free to email or call me 603-377-Zero425 ask for stuart
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