CAD workstation specs for end of 2019 specials



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It's about to be prime buying time for PC hardware, and we havent had a workststion specs thread for awhile.

What specs would you think are reasonable for both a

1)bare minimum system for a newbie doing single coping type work and who wants to put every dime in thst it actually needs and not one cent more.

2)reasonble machine of heavy work doing full arch reconstructions or for someone with extra money to put into futureproofing( and tax avoidance).

No wrong answers, just fishing as I expect more than one of us has lost the pulse on PC hardware. Oh man, I used to know the northbridge and southbridge chips on all common mobos(wow the Via 686 SB was such a joke!) and .... uh. Nevermind.

I know there are great reasons to get the best you can find to future proof, but it is overkill for most use cases as many of us will rarely be opening and working in huge files.

I'm rambling again, goodnight.


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Cant really go wrong with any generation ryzen. This will mean using a socket AM4 motheboard which are about average price now. Apart from that 3shape is a stickler for nvidia hardware so even a midsize new gen 10 or 20 series is plenty. The AM4 motherboards generally support high end ram right out of the box so you should be pretty safe with 2800 ddr4, but if you want to do ddr5 you should look at more expensive motherboards and newest generation to take advantage.

If i remember i will put a build up later. Im just not at home right now.
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Budget? Which system?

My pc at home 3shape killer, Gaming rig and everything else.
Intel i7 7820x 8 x 3.6ghz
64 gb Ram DDR4 3200
GTX 1080Ti
MSI Carbon Gaming X299 motherboard
EVGA sSUperNova 850watt psu
Samsung Evo 970 m.2 500gb ssd as boot drive
Samsing Evo 970 m.2 1gb ssd as database
HDD 2 x 4tb 2 x 2tb.

I also did a Build with a AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X, 64gb ram, and a PNY P4000 Quadro card, and it ripped really well.


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I know 3Shape is optimized for nVidia GPUs and I wouldn't recommend straying from that if you want to run 3Shape.
CPU I believe is less of an issue. AMD has a strong offering for the price now with Ryzen and most i7 and i9 CPUs from Intel are likely a good choice.
A fast boot drive is a must, M.2 NVMe if you can.
16GB of RAM should be a minimum, 32GB or 64GB recommended for long term relevance.
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