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I'm retiring and I'm ready to sell this stuff. I would like to sell as a package if possible. If that doesn't happen, then I will sell items individually. Equipment is in great shape and would be perfect for a startup situation. Lots of consumables, etc. PM me if interested in package deal.
Items included:

Nevin bench with suction and lights
2 Ney Centurians with pumps
4 Osada XL-030 electric handpieces
2 Bien air turbines
2 Renfert Twisters w/stands
1 Dental Art Fume Hood w/ casting machine
Erio benches
1 Ivoclar EP5000
2 Jelrus burnout furnaces
1 Dentsply Multimat NTX porcelain furnace
1 Omano stereo microscope
Whip Mix 12 in. model trimmer with diamond wheel
Canon A630 Dental camera IMG_1566.jpg IMG_1567.jpg IMG_1568.jpg IMG_1569.jpg IMG_1570.jpg IMG_1571.jpg IMG_1572.jpg


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Osada XL-030 electric handpieces
Bien air turbines
Omano stereo microscope
A. Jealous
B. How much for these items?
C. Where is the lab?


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Can you send me info on the benches, porcelain furnace, electric hand pieces and Omano stereo microscope. Thanks, we are located about 2 hours from you.
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