Bredent Bio-HPP: How to clean after diagnostic Try-in?



Hi all, we just milled our 1st Bio-HPP all-on-4 framework. It milled beautifully and fits perfectly onto the ti-bases.
My client wants a diagnostic try-in with the EMAX crowns temporarily cemented and lip support in wax as the patient is very demanding and there would probably be some minor adjustment made after try-in . So the conundrum is that I cant go to final cementation and composite build-up of my gingiva.
So my question is: How would I go about cleaning the framework before final priming and bonding can take place as I am aware that PEEK must not be steam cleaned? Is there some tips and tricks some of you with much more experience in working with this material can share?
Your advise is appreciated in advance


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Steam, dry, lightly sandblast and prime ;)
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