Best virtual articulator with best physical counterpart



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I am thinking of getting a benchtop/lab scanner as well when I eventually purchase my own IOS... At that time I will want a good virtual articulator that has compatibility with all of the major CAD software, but I could be swayed to one ring to rule them all if there is one that works well on the clinical side as well.

I am also interested in which one will be most compatible with future photogrammetry techniques.

I would absolutely LOVE if the quality of the photos I can take with my DSLR could accurately be applied to my scans as textures with accurate results. Is there an articulator that has photogrammetry appliance that transfers facebow and photogrammetry data in one shot?

I think that a combination of a CBCT, a facebow, a physical articulator, photogrammetry, and a virtual articulator is the holy grail of lab communication.

Photogrammetry for full arch implant cases is rapidly coming down in cost. In the other thread about Dandy supplying an IOS, I should have posted that THAT is a great opportunity for the lab to buy a piece of equipment and loan to the Dr.'s.


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I would venture a guess that eventually this, if it hasn’t already, would be incorporated into 3Shape and Exocad were Artex,Denar, Panadent, SAM articulators would all be applicable with an open platform photogrammetry scanner would cover all the major articulators.

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