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I posted earlier about a side by side analog and digital denture.

"I have a case pending: full UFD Replacement and LPD one tooth for an aging Holocaust survivor, who has premium dentures paid directly from the German Finance Ministry. I have some time in fabricating premium dentures for the patient, but would also like to create digital ones side by side, both as a comparison, as well as a way to give the patient a second set of dentures."

After all the time I have spent on this.......I think I need to wait a year or two for the industry and technology to figure out what works.

Lot of roadblocks on this benchmark case, my first obstacle was in the supply of the PolyGum (pink gum like color) milling discs. The manufacturer who makes them is re-engineering this material and the “new & improved” discs will not be able available until middle of Q2. So, milling is out, on to a 3d Carbon type denture. After making some calls I was informed Argen is not yet manufacturing digital dentures, so I had to get set up with Core3D in Las Vegas to get them printed and shipped.

I had models and a wax rim uploaded to an STL file. In Exocad I didn’t have any antagonist information. With the upper denture design I have no way to know if it is going to fit with the patient’s lower partial. Call around to confirm maxillary denture over lower opposing partial. Confirmation I would need the partial information in order to generate an accurate bite. Without the opposing, the occlusion relation will be entirely a guess in which I will not be able to verify or back up the fit.

Next step duplicate the model with the lower in place and take a new bite so we could articulate that lower to our upper model, scan to STL. Last roadblock in talking with a couple of vendors, they inform me that at the moment there is a software limitation to creating a job with a full upper opposing a partial.

Upon hearing this I get a call from the dentist. Patient is going back to Israel and he would like to get this done.

So I will just finish this out the old way. No poetic free digital dentures to a holocaust survivor.

Photos attached of mill denture sample that is out of stock, and of dentures after a successful try in.


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