Any photos or videos of printed denture repairs/relines!?!



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So at the FDLA I spoke with Kevin Dillon from Desktop Health who is the National Sales Manger for Labs. I brought up this very issue and he told me that he had someone (believe it was a doctor, could be mistaken) who is having success. He showed me a picture of the product which I have attached. He mentioned that the doctor or technician (can’t remember) was also using the soft liner version and having similar success. Keep in mind this is working on the new Flexera base which has a long chain chemistry different from many methacrylate resin out their. Curious if anyone else is using this and having success. View attachment 40979
We all put bonder on acrylic dentures when we do soft reline or silicone because they are not chemically compatible, does that mean the same as when we reline an acrylic denture with hard cold cure and there is an actual chemical bonding where also we can trim the outer layer and thin that denture to a reasonable thickness? My answer to the Dr or the Tech is: NO.


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I understand the science of the issue, so let me simplify the discussion. It's like Clinton's definition of "sexual relations".

The purist technician will say that no you can't reline it. The two materials are chemically different and cannot bond acrylic with a UV composite unless you are using a bonding primer like GC Composite Primer (thanks Tom_Z).

The non-purist technician will say sure... we do it all the time. Just like Valplast dentures, we drill holes through it like an impression tray so it'll stick, bag it and send it out. Done 100 of em.

The dentist isn't going to know. They probably can't tell the difference between acrylic and print till it goes bad.

So you just to have to pick a side. First solution is to inform your client. Let him make the decision.
Technician: The material is not reliable, it is chemically different there will only be a weak mechanical bond.
Dentist: What do I do? It doesn't fit we need it relined.
Technician: We will need to rescan and print a new one.
Dentist: I do not want to pay for a new one.
Other technician: We will reline it for you. *gets paid*

I am in the category of advise against, note it, then get the magic wand out and bippity boppity boo kids need shoes.
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