Amann Girrbach .stl export?

Glenn Kennedy

Glenn Kennedy

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Can AG CAD software export .stl files to manufacture on a non AG mill or printer? Some say yes, some say no. Is it an option that costs extra? If so, how much?


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Yes, AG Ceramill Mind is Exocad.

The output file after design is .stl

It doesn't cost extra.


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there is an option to save as stl in expert mode. can be done for sure!
I'm pretty sure you don't even need to export anything through expert mode.
Just finish your workflow as usual, then open project in explorer to find the .stl file(s). Send/copy those to whatever mill/printer you want with whatever method you prefer. If you're on Windows 10, you can open the stl files with the built-in 3D viewer to confirm it's the file you want.
I've been doing it that way for months since I do not own a mill or printer yet (on standard exocad, but it's exactly the same thing).
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