Alien Milling becomes official NT Trading Distributor in USA



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Alien Milling is now an official distributor of NT Trading’s products, including premills, scan bodies, analogs, screws, titanium bases and 2Connect complete systems and scan bodies. Available for order on Alien’s easy-to-use website,, the products complement its wide range of implant services.

“We’ve been using NT Trading products for over two years in our Milling Center and believe they are the best choice when it comes to implant restorations,” says Saro Hatzakortzian, CEO. “Now our customers who mill titanium have access to premilled abutments, those who receive impressions can order analogs and scan bodies to design their case digitally and labs can save money by ordering the titanium base as a stand-alone product, mill their own zirconia and cement the two together.”

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Kelly Fessel Carr
LMT Associate Publisher/Editor

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