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Hello there,

My name is Mike. I'm a product development engineer currently developing a device that would be used in the dental office for aerosol mitigation. The idea behind the device came to fruition as a response to Covid-19. It is an attempt to quickly adapt to our current environment by getting dentists and hygienists back to work sooner in a safer environment.

Our initial user feedback has revealed a wide range of standard practice and regional restrictions. I wanted to reach out to the community that would use this device for further input to ensure it’s something that fulfills a need, something that you would want, and is something that will improve the safety for you and concurrent patients. For anyone interested, below are some questions that would be helpful to have discussions around:
  • Do you view aerosol production as an obstacle that increases the risk of being exposed to Covid-19 and prevents you from comfortably returning to work?
  • Would connecting an additional device through a splitter valve to your operatory’s HVE port be acceptable? In this scenario, only one device that utilizes HVE would be available at a time, but this ensures full evacuation power to the device being used.
  • Have you found other devices that are effective at aerosol removal and that you like to use?
Please reply here or direct message me if you would like to have any additional conversation. Thanks!


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It must really suck when you open that door.

We were seriously looking into a positive pressure face shield for awhile, but the solution didn't really seem to fit the need. We were considering the look/feel of something like this and thought it would detract from the human aspect of dentistry even more than a standard mask and face shield detracts now. I've always enjoyed the dental offices I've gone to, especially the staff. Not sure how I would feel if they were wearing a space helmet..
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