Adjust & Control the Value of your Monolithic Restorations with MiYO®



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Control is finally in your hands! With MiYO®, you can adjust and control the value of your monolithic restorations. To combat the reduction in brightness and create a balance between opacity, depth and shade, the MiYO system includes 3 unique materials to either raise or lower value when needed; Translucent Lumin, Translucent Storm, and Translucent Smoke.

miyo - value.png

Experience MiYO® next week at Jensen’s Lab Day Booth in Chicago. Call 800-243-2000 or visit to get started today!


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How many hands does James have? I can only use 1 brush at a time, and he can do 3? o_O :D

for anyone who cares, the song is by Keel, called Speed Demon

a song only 2 years younger than I am. HA!
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