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yeah, it's all very strange. After the new server and fresh install we were good for about 5 months. Then it kind of creeps in slowly with little things acting weird and then it spreads to the whole system. Makes it hard to pinpoint a time that it started and look for what changed at that point.


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Hey, I just watched my Dental Manager act really stupid this morning. I designed a case, and went to output it (it needs an F7 to output for this manufacturer),but it wasn't in the "My Recent" OR "Designed" sections. Than I watched the "My Recent" section, each time the cursor spun and the page refreshed, one more order was added to the top of the list (sorted by date),until it caught up to the one I had just designed. The part that makes this seem more stupid is that the cases it refreshed first were ones that were designed YESTERDAY! So, there is something about it refreshing orders that have changed status going on. Each refresh that added a case to the "My Recent" section was associated with an entry in the log - "[Debug] TBrowserPreviewItemBase.CreateNewPreview - create new thread ".
We have reached back out to 3Shape, and they still have no progress, but assured us that the developers are looking into this. For whatever that is worth.

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We are experiencing the EXACT same issue. Ours started last Thursday 5/9/19. It has been sent to 3shape and I'm still waiting for a response. I did a "install-on-top" of existing server to see if it would fix anything but no dice. Hope someone figures something out soon. If I get any info I will report back.
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