3D Printers - Voco Solflex 170 vs Asiga Max UV vs Formlabs Form 3



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Title says it all. Debating between these printers. Formlabs has the price, but I've heard it's not quite up to snuff. Mostly wanting to do aligners, surgical guides, and as resins improve night guards. Both the Asiga and Solflex are 385 DLPs open resin type printers so I'm having a tough time deciding between the two.

Thanks in advance for any insight!
Bryce @ WhipMix

Bryce @ WhipMix

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Voco makes a nice printer, however, you're really limited with the small build plate on the Solflex 170. The MAX shares some of the best features present in the Solflex for around the same price tag (I think). The largest technological difference between the two is the Asiga's SPS technology, which utilizes highly precise positioning encoders to detect build plate contact with the glass surface and ensures accurate layers.

Check out both printers, for sure, but I'd be concerned with how small the build plate is on the Solflex.

EDIT: Also, consider the support you might receive. I believe Henry Schein is the lab reseller in the US (if that's where you're located) for Voco. Ask around to some lab peers and see what they have to say about support from there.
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Voco makes a printer ?? they sell it yes
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