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PDF Clean Dry Air 2019-03-08

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This is a tech bulletin from Jensen on what mills like to get fed and how to acheive the clean dry air they really want.

Clean and Dry may mean more than you initially think, an oil filter and moisture trap ain't gonna cut it.

This lays out the whys and hows of what really matters in air delivery for the best results on you output and maximum machine longevity.

Jensen made this with the idea of keeping their mils working well in the field. It will be applicable to everything if you adjust the air needs to the mills manual's stated requirements.

Direct inquiries to the phone number at the bottom of the document.

Jensen: If you want this removed from here, let us know and it'll be gone in minutes of reading such notice. It was placed here with the understanding that it was permissible under 'Fair Use for education'.
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