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    May 11, 2010
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    Confused Oct 14, 2016

      1. Labwa
        hey mate, I m looking at doing a bulk order from a manufacturer of elements for the dekema. would you be interested? are you burning through a few?
      2. user name
      3. KTR
        We chose the small one because its $2,000 dollars cheaper and we can fire anything. We have done several all on 4 cases. They always fire the same.
        We bought from Zubler USA in Georgia and got a great deal. They know everthing about these furnaces and can answer questions.
        There number is (770) 921-2131.
        You can pm me KTR or email [email protected] Kirk Redding
      4. Andrew Priddy
        Andrew Priddy
        feel free to email me anytime... happy to help
      5. Andrew Priddy
        Andrew Priddy
        Zirkonzahn stains work well... both the grey and blue. I don't see why you would have a conflict with lava stains as long as you brush on... if you have any trouble, try brushing the incisal first and then dry the restoration in an oven before using lava stains...
        should actually work out quite well...
      6. Andrew Priddy
        Andrew Priddy
        Hey Bob, it's acrylic innovation... I started logging in with my real name a while ago...
        my email is [email protected]
      7. jhdtrinh
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