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    Jun 9, 2009
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    Moderator, from TEXAS

    Staff Member Full Member
      1. disturbed
        your metal knowledge is impressive. have any books you can recommend to me on the subject? I apologize if I insulted you. does doing the doctor a favor that pays well in the end justify what the patient got? you know that metal won't last, why not tell the doctor that, do the right thing regardless of what he says,and CHARGE for it.? If you had done that, do you think the doctor would still be sending you work?? these are the issues I am having now and need to figure them out before I open my lab next spring. saved the doctors ass at the cost of a ,probably un-knowing, patient?? really? or am I missing something? was the patient 102? or is this the kind of buisness decisions I face in the future?
      2. AJEL
        I checked with my CERT team leader, he said it is ok but the chief was worried about HIPPA. He suggested I could pull reports from past logs, or maybe pull items from the training courses. The trainer at the fire station suggested I use the new Red-cross first aid course we just went over and pull a few posts from that. Items like wounds, bandaging, splinting, neck\spine stabilization would require pictures, is there information on how to post pictures in a thread?
        Should I post safety also in the beginners forum?
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