Building GM's most powerful Engine Ever, the 650hp LT4 V8! - YouTube

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Come follow us along as we tour the GM Engine Plant in Tonawanda, NY where they build the 650hp LT4 V8 and many other engines. Note: the crankshafts shown du...
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Thats awesome. Im considering a new car, and thats one of the motor options. Bad Ass.
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Hey Travis. I just ordered my new delivery car yesterday. 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, fully loaded. Should take 6 weeks or so, but we still have lots of snow, so no rush. Im excited!
Nice, what made you decide on that car? Two door or four, color?

Please post some pics of it once you get it.

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All I had currently is a big lifted truck. I love it, but its too much for my Mom to get in, even with a step stool. I wanted a backup vehicle,and I know a certified used Honda Accord would have been the smart choice, my Im still pretty immature. Ive had Corvettes before and like them, but no back seat. same ZO-6 motor is available in a ZL-1 Camaro, but the back seat is so cramped is pointless. I like Mopar, and the Challenger has the most interior room of the cars I like. Very usable back seat, and 700+ horsepower. I couldnt resist.
I wanted Plum Crazy Purple, but my Daughter said no. Black is gorgeous, but too much work to keep clean without swirls. I went white. Fully loaded but no sunroof. Im friends with the sales manager, so I was able to get it for a coupe grand below invoice. Still a ton of money. I almost had a full blown anxiety attack last night as I was falling asleep. Its not the wisest choice I could have made. My bike , soon to be sold is crazy fast. This will blow it away on every metric.
Im pretty excited. :D
They said expect about six weeks, but the next day after placing the order I had a VIN,so itll probaby be her sooner.
That is alot of power.

Last year I got a 13 ram 2500 diesel, it is hard to get in to the thinhg, I think I need to get some running boards.
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Love my Ram diesel. I got the Amp Power boards. Love em.
What year is your truck? 6.7?
I test drove a newer ford 250 with a v8 and didnt care for it, then test drove the ram and couldnt believe the power it had. It felt like a muscle car. I got a used 80k miles truck and couldnt be happier with it. Did you replace the exhaust yet (delete)? I had to replace the injector on the exhaust last month (250.00) on mine already, the next problem I have Iam removing all of it. 2300.00
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Yup...6.7. We did all the deletes and now run straight ipe. Its not that loud. Also have a custom tune, but its not that noticeable, just snappier off the line. I think it cost me 16---1700 forr all the deletes and reprogramming.
Those running boards are 1800.00 😩

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