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    1. 2thm8kr
      Send hate mail and letter bomb's to 2thm8kr's inbox @ DLN.com
    2. 2thm8kr
      ....If you need to reach me you know where to find me. Or just send me a text.... if you have my digits.....
    3. ADS
      Thrmoforming Sports guard material recommendations i can make myself? Max comfort, breathability, and max protection needed
    4. roque1976
      roque1976 Wainwright
      Nice !! Are you a lab owner as well?
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      2. Wainwright
        Oh, no. Maybe someday. I've been in the dental industry for about 10 years. Started in the digital dental model room of the 3M Lava COS team and now I'm Dental Product Manager at Formlabs.
        Jul 2, 2018
    5. laceygoriDD
      laceygoriDD LennyT
      Hi Lenny, I have some other options I would love to talk with you about. Would you mind giving me a call?
    6. laceygoriDD
      laceygoriDD LennyT
      Okay, so unfortunately I can only find a used 4 axis, very affordable. If that peaks your interests you, call me at 480-948-0466 x 1019

      Have a nice day!
      1. LennyT
        Thanks, but i really need the fifth axis also.
        Jun 16, 2018
    7. laceygoriDD
      laceygoriDD LennyT
      Hi Lenny, I work for Digital Dental out of Scottsdale, Arizona and we are known for our engineering of 4 and 5 axis mills! I am going to ask around and see if we can help you out at all :)
    8. Sarah Downs
      Sarah Downs
      Learned more about 3Shape and dental restorations in 4 months than anything I learned in 3 years of college, lol
    9. Digital Dental Designers
    10. Alex Sever
      Alex Sever KIM
      Just wanted to ask if you gut your VHF R5 up and running. I would really appreciate some insight about the machine.
      Thank you
    11. Matthew J Raes
      Matthew J Raes katya
      I have a lab in Hiawatha, IA. Studio32 Dental Studio. Whatever you may be looking for pricing on or have questions you can email me at [email protected] We are a full-service lab and cover all options for scans, models(stone or digital), different zirconias and if ever any help with removable options as well.
      1. katya
        Thank you,Matthew!
        I will save your info.
        May 17, 2018
    12. ericf
      ericf greeny
      I'm interested in purchasing my own mill and wanted to utilize the Hyperdent Compact software. Can you recommend a computer (Or specs) needed to effectively and efficiently run the software ?
      Much thanks,
      Eric Findley .
      [email protected]
    13. DESS-USA
      DESS-USA Kobra Kai
      if you need parts for hiossen such as scan bodies ti bases digital analogs to do all the work in house we have them...my email is [email protected] I run another business called www.implantpart.com and have the hiossen parts there. Tele is 855 337 7872. Thanks
      1. Kobra Kai
        Kobra Kai
        Do we need a specific DME in 3shape to do the Hiossen digital analogs in house?
        Apr 26, 2018
    14. CoolHandLuke
      CoolHandLuke Gev
      i understand your desire to reach out to members for help, but do not put up your own skype and whatsapp numbers for everyone to see. it is not a secure method. your identity can be stolen with this information in a public area.
      1. CoolHandLuke
        for that reason i have removed your recent posts. if you want to get in touch with those people leave replies asking for private conversation.
        Apr 25, 2018
    15. labguy5381
      labguy5381 brayks
      Considering the Versamill 5x400 as a first wet mill. Primarily for e-max. Is the Cr/Co metal already sintered? Is it compatible with major porcelains. What is your advice on milling metal? What are the total costs of the system? Are there recurring yearly fees? How quickly can I get a technician on the phone? How do I get repairs done and how fast? Support is very important. Thanks for your help. Jim
      1. brayks
        Hi Jim,
        I will answer you questions with a personal message.
        Apr 24, 2018
    16. RDA
    17. NEXXUS
      Dental Lab with CAD/CAM milling machine and future relationship with NEXXUS Total Milling Solution.
    18. mptz
      mptz CoolHandLuke
      who is adminiustrator and how i contact him
      1. CoolHandLuke
        Travis owns the domain, there are 5 moderators. click the "start a conversation" button to speak with any of us
        Apr 1, 2018
    19. D1X06
    20. Tradewindj