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    1. RDA
    2. NEXXUS
      Dental Lab with CAD/CAM milling machine and future relationship with NEXXUS Total Milling Solution.
    3. mptz
      mptz CoolHandLuke
      please close account
    4. mptz
      mptz CoolHandLuke
      who is adminiustrator and how i contact him
      1. CoolHandLuke
        Travis owns the domain, there are 5 moderators. click the "start a conversation" button to speak with any of us
        Apr 1, 2018
    5. D1X06
    6. Tradewindj
    7. John in Canada
      John in Canada
      Today, I am awesome! Thank you for asking!
    8. Denturion
      Denturion mshiss
      Hi, I read your post about starting a lab at your current in-house lab. How is that going? I am in a similar situation.
      How did you ask your doctors? would they get a cut or just keep inventory separate?
      I am also in NC Greensboro area. I'd like to see more of your work if you don't mind, for inspiration. Do you post any pics on social Media ie... Instagram Fb? My name is Andy
    9. anil patel
    10. hagdent
      Just crusin' along
    11. Hary
      Hary rc75
      Hi, I remember you posted N.P. alloy do you still have it? if yes I am looking for N.P. with beryllium to use for Maryland bridges ... How much for the ounce ?
    12. capickettcdt
      capickettcdt TheLabGuy
      Rob...Long time
      Have an e-max issue I think you might could help me with. Tell me about serrated/saw tooth margins? Or call me or e-mail me.
      800-626-5651 x1275 [email protected]
    13. AlexR
      Clams have feelings too
      1. 2thm8kr
        No chowder for you
        Feb 16, 2018
    14. Denturion
      Denturion patmo141
      I am in Greensboro. I see that you are in Carolina Beach, NC. Great, we are almost neighbors. I really want to learn digital. I found you're videos on youtube and then followed a link to download some dropbox tutorials for blender. it was not working for me; some of the settings are not available anymore. Do you have another resource or could you point me in a direction that I could get some .stl or .obj files?
    15. brayks
      Work, work, work, work, work. And then there's Labday...
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    16. alextstone
      alextstone Bryce Hiller
      Hi Bryce. Alex Touchstone here. I am also in the market for my first 5 axis mill and I have considered the same ones you did. Would you mind sharing with me how things are going with Axsys so far? Have you installed yet? Are you pleased?
    17. ilwoong
    18. Jason D
      Jason D DylandeBoer
      Hey, would you be willing to chat a bit about your digital partial experiences? thinking about getting into it in our lab and want to talk with someone who has already been through the learning curve.

      1. DylandeBoer
        Sure I would be happy to share any information I have that could be of use! I worked with a few other techs as i hadn't done cast partials physically or digitally till we started this testing, but Ill try to answer any questions you have to the best of my ability
        Nov 20, 2017
    19. 2000markpeters
      Our technology is Our Future
    20. mptz
      mptz CoolHandLuke
      is there a program you want written can code if its something specific
      1. mptz
        yes but depends what for
        Nov 15, 2017