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    1. Jason D
      Jason D DylandeBoer
      Hey, would you be willing to chat a bit about your digital partial experiences? thinking about getting into it in our lab and want to talk with someone who has already been through the learning curve.

      1. DylandeBoer
        Sure I would be happy to share any information I have that could be of use! I worked with a few other techs as i hadn't done cast partials physically or digitally till we started this testing, but Ill try to answer any questions you have to the best of my ability
        Nov 20, 2017
    2. 2000markpeters
      Our technology is Our Future
    3. mpt
      mpt CoolHandLuke
      is there a program you want written can code if its something specific
      1. mpt
        yes but depends what for
        Nov 15, 2017
    4. larsondental
      Retired lab owner, working PT as lab manager for Pioneer Implant Studio, Lincoln, Ne
    5. Stacey
      Stacey Travis
      Hi Travis, I've contacted you a few times via email and haven't heard back so I'm not sure my messages are reaching you. Can you please remove the Jensen banner ad? I will have new artwork soon. Thanks!
    6. tretz2
      I’ve changed jobs from orthodontist to prosthodontics. I work clinic and lab. Any lab ideas for efficient flow would be welcomed. Thank you
      1. mpt
        get a good technician
        Nov 12, 2017
    7. tretz2
      Hi it’s been a while for me. Alot as happened over last year. My mother past away (bitter sweet). No more suffering for her.
    8. 2thm8kr
      2thm8kr CoolHandLuke
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      3. 2thm8kr
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        Oct 31, 2017
      4. mpt
        Binary number must be max. 63 digits
        Nov 7, 2017
      5. 2thm8kr
        Nov 7, 2017
    9. CoolHandLuke
      Digital Denturism Solutions developer at Perfit Dental Solutions
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    10. Joshua R. Baldwin
      Joshua R. Baldwin
      Check out my posting in the classifieds section for some really nice CAD/CAM equiptment.
    11. Dominick
      Innovating the Future
    12. Denturion
      Denturion CAD-CAM Jedi
      hey, Cad Cam Jedi!
      My name is Andy i"m a removable technician and I have a 3d arts background and want to transition to digital. DO you have any recommendations on free software or a CE course I could take without having my CDT yet?
      I feel a strong desire to learn to make appliances digitally. I love 3d modeling and I love dental technology so I am there almost. I appreciate any advice you can send me. thanks!
    13. Dali k
      Dali k FrontHunter
      Hi, how much for the luster kit please?
    14. dentcre
      dentcre cdtwade
      press ?
    15. ADS
      Identical blue light not turning on, any helpful advice?
    16. French Cadman
      French Cadman
      Hello Duncan ! Check if Smart Optic has 2 cameras , it's better , I think in the past they only have 1 camera. french advice ! FC
    17. French Cadman
    18. Toto
      Toto French Cadman
      Hello French Cadman - could I ask your advice Sir - do you have any advice to give on the Smart Optics Scanners - good choice for a first scanner? What software do you use - exo cad perhaps? I have a lab in Cyprus. Thank you - Duncan
    19. droberts
    20. lcmlabforum
      lcmlabforum Flippercentral
      Are you based in DFW? Same user name as someone I knew in the past . . .
      1. Flippercentral
        Same person, how have you been?
        Aug 24, 2017