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    Zirconia stain recommendations

    Discussion in 'Fixed' started by Restorationlab, Oct 12, 2017.

    1. Restorationlab

      Restorationlab Member Full Member

      Oct 2016
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      Although I have been using them since I started working with emax, I don't like the original emax shade pastes, particularly on monolithic zirconia. They do not apply evenly and I see small particles after firing. I like and use the Empress Universal shade pastes whenever possible. I have also tried the GC Luster paste kit, but I sometimes need to fire emax porcelain on the facial or add to contacts. The two firing programs do not work well together.

      So I am seeking suggestions from the DLN community on what works well on monolithic zirconia, what works well with emax porcelains on pressed emax copings (internal or external application) and what might also work on shade corrections for PFMs using dsign porcelains. Basically I am seeking a stain kit that works well on everything and all situations! Asking too much? I hope not. I am a small lab (1 person) and don't have disposable funds to buy into multiple systems. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
    2. KIM

      KIM Active Member Full Member

      Feb 2011
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      InSync Stain & Glaze! Am I biased? yes so I will keep it brief as this isn't on our sponsor page but I'd let others chime in to get their feedback the product. Let me know if you want more info.
    3. Patrick Coon

      Patrick Coon Well-Known Member Sponsors Full Member

      Dec 2013
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      ICDE, Sarasota, FL
      Ivoclar has the answer, and since you are using e.max, Empress, d.sign, and zirconia you should try it. It is called Ivocolor. It is our truly universal stain and glaze system. It was developed to go on all of our tooth colored ceramic products (d.sign, inLine, Style, Empress, e.maxPress, e.maxCAD, e.max ZirCAD). In fact it will eventually take the place of all the other systems' stains and glazes.

      It also fires at a much lower temperature for most systems. Empress, Style, e.maxPress, e.maxCAD, e.max ZirCAD all glaze at 710C. inLine and d.sign fire around 830C.

      Similar system to the e.max Ceram shades, stains, and glaze, but has a different glass component that fires lower. Also has the Essence powders like the Ceram system that can be used as characterization stains or porcelain modifiers for custom dentin/incisal shades.

      let me know if I can answer any other questions for you.

      (edited for grammar :confused:)

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