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    Nov 23, 2017 at 8:12 PM
    Aug 31, 2007
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    Staff Member

    Hello? Anyone.. Sep 19, 2014

    Travis was last seen:
    Nov 23, 2017 at 8:12 PM
      1. Shaun
        Thanks mate....i,m new to online forums but when i get the chance i try and and tune in ...currently working for myself after starting up 6 months ago...so i dont get a lot of time....still keen to find out what people are involved in with TMD appliances??...
      2. Travis
        If you are using photobucket use the picture button at the top of creating a post and put the url there.

        If you are uploading a picture to the site use the manage attachments under the post message box.

        If this isnt what you are asking let me know.
      3. TheLabGuy
        Travis, what is the code that you put in before/after to put in pictures? I'm gonna post some stuff about LVI today.
      4. Shaun
        Travis...i just joined the site minutes ago...can you lead me to anything on TMD,aplliance therapy and the likes
      5. labdude
        I knew there was some sort of messing around.
      6. Travis
      7. labdude
        I don't know what I mean. You asked me if I likes my custom title....so I go looking for something. Chasing my tail obviously. Now...have a good laugh!
        Stellar Patrol seems amusing. You want it to be something more "official" for the site??? I can do that.
      8. Travis
        You mean stellar patrol?
      9. labdude
        Allright Travis.....wtf is and where is my "custom title"???
      10. Inman Labs
        Inman Labs
        I hope you got the PM stating that the JDT will print your press release, please note I was glad to help in anyway I could.
        Good luck with your site, I think it will be a popular and successful place for technicians to visit and learn.

        Good bye,
      11. Travis
        I dont have a way to accept personal credit cards. I know paypal allows you to use amex cards. I can look into these cards and the interest they charge per use.

        If you click Classifieds and then click on the submit new add in the navigation bar it will step you through setting up your item. The hardest part is attaching a image which you dont even need. I can help if you get stuck or I can go back and fix things if your not happy with the way it turned out.
      12. Inman Labs
        Inman Labs
        It would be great to have a WKE Forum, I would also like to link the IPC website to this site. I see the IPC site to be more for technicians after we redo it which should be soon.

        Also I would like to donate but the site won't allow me to use my AMEX Card?

        Also I have some equipment I would like to post but I can't figure out how to do it...not great with computers.
      13. labdude
        Maybe create a WKE Group forum??
      14. Travis
        Yes, promote all you want.

        Do you need me to create a banner link?
      15. Inman Labs
        Inman Labs
        I want to help promote your site, can I link to my other sites?
        This would be a great place to host the WKE group, your thoughts?

      16. Travis
        Turning off that mod wouldnt change the amount of online users. I saw we had a alot of viewers yesterday. That mod only restricts unregistered users from viewing more than 3 or x amount of posts until they needed to rigister to see any more. I will put it back up tonight.
      17. labdude
        No log in problems. No problems.
        Did turning off that post mod cause the #s to go up for most online???
        If it was partly form the AAO, it may slow, then hit a new regular high. Who knows, if Inman uses the site for the display of his IPC and lab, might go even bigger.
        Fun to watch.
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