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    Jan 8, 2010
    Oct 23, 2007
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    Senior Member

    labdude was last seen:
    Jan 8, 2010
      1. trisha
        Hey Mike~ how the heck are you????????
      2. carjack
        on the side or in his ears lol
      3. labdude
        You think his hair starts in the back or the front???
      4. carjack
        yeah he is really dapper
      5. labdude
        Apprentice, great choice!
      6. carjack
      7. sonia
        Love the red :)
      8. deesammom
        Hi Labdude - how did you learn how to make orthodontic appliances? I've looked into taking the courses at Great Lakes, but they are so expensive! I have some experience with making retainers, but would like to learn more so I can work in a lab or for an orthodontist. Thanks for any advice!
      9. anil patel
      10. zena
        Gorgeous, intelligent, kind, sweet, charming, witty, hilarious, friendly........well enough about ME! How are you hehe I like the fact you can handle teasing humour on that chat box thing. It's all in good fun never out of disrespect. I like your profile colour reminds of the Canadian flag. Now don't go changing it on me now LOL. Take care:tea:
      11. greatimpressionslab
        Good evening labdude. I appreciate you sharing your methods to the madness with those of us wishing to gain efficiency to have somewhat of a life outside of the lab. I am generally bogged down so hard with demands it seems there is nothing left to give every day in and out. My question to you is simple and hopefully not presumptuous, but here goes. I have been using a simplistic lab slip design for years now and have wanted desperately to modify and improve it but lack the time and expertise to commit and pull it off. I took a notice of your design on one of your posts and it was beauty on sight! If you have a pdf or other format of it can I pay you something to have you email it down to me??? All I would ask for is your consideration and reply to at greatimpressionslab@gmail.com. You are an excellent tech and you dont know how much I would appreciate the gesture. Kind Regards, Ryan in Vegas
      12. Travis
        Iam trying to catch up on some posts. Been away for awhile.
      13. Travis
      14. labdude
        Download for that darn postal2 is and hour long. So it seems anyway, it's downloading. Just what I need at the begining of the busy time. Part of the reason it gets slow here, people get busy. I see that the instructional threads get a lot of hits. So....guess I have to make some more. As time allows. Maybe you can post some pics in porcelain, start to finish, die prep to final glaze would be interesting for us uninformed.
      15. labdude
        O.K. Went there and looked around. Found the stuff. That will be useful, I think I'll have to share the knowledge when I do that however. Cade will miss things AGAIN if I don't.
      16. Travis
        No, if you hit the search button there is a tag link. On the front page in the center near the bottom there are tags. You can add a tag when you start a thread based on the content. You should be able to edit the tags.
      17. labdude
        So.... I went to the forum...again. I made the video into a sticky. Is that what you meant by tagging it???
        If not, then that is just to bad.
      18. Travis
        Under the forum and the bookmarks there are the tags. On the right side it said edit. You can add a tag there. If you cant edit then thats just to bad.
      19. labdude
        Fun to mess with. I took a quick look at putting a tag on IPC post. Didn't figure it out. How???
      20. Travis
        These are the colors the forums need. I think I now have a headache. The red really throws u off.
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