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    Thanks and Happy New Year

    Discussion in 'Implants' started by queenp, Dec 30, 2016.

    1. queenp

      queenp Member Donator Full Member

      Dec 2014
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      I'd like to thank everyone on this forum for all of the support and humor I've received here. When in a jam, it's great to be able to post a question and get some fresh eyes and ideas on the issue.

      For anyone who is looking for a great 3shape company to work with, I'd like to acknowledge the quality products and technical support I get from Argen. Chris Chareston does a great job of support and training, in November I was fortunate enough to spend a day with him doing advanced training, he is a master designer readily sharing his tips and tricks.

      Here's to a profitable and Happy New Year for all of us.
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    2. JMN

      JMN Christian Member Donator Full Member

      Sep 2012
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      Here Here!

      /thumps of staff against floor

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