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    Exocad- how to change Tibase in finished screw retained crown

    Discussion in 'Dental-CAD' started by sonlab, Dec 19, 2016.

    1. sonlab

      sonlab Member Full Member

      Apr 2015
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      Anyone know how to change Ti base from lets say a 3.5 mm height to a 4 mm height in a finished implant crown without starting from scratch?.
      I didn't see any options in expert mode?
    2. esamuelr

      esamuelr Member Full Member

      Feb 2010
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      You can save the design as an STL with whatever name you choose by un-selecting everything except the design in show/hide groups and then selecting tools-> save scene-> change drop down to plain STL.

      Then delete constructed parts until you have the option to re-select the implant library geometry you wish to use.

      Once the new geometry is selected-> use tools-> add/remove mesh to add the design back in to your scene as a pre-op/wax-up

      The system should allow you to then merge the library tooth model to the pre-op scan.

      Good luck.
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