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    Dialing in pressing oven.

    Discussion in 'All Porcelain-Press' started by John C, Nov 29, 2016.

    1. larsondental

      larsondental New Member Full Member

      Oct 2012
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      I am using the same oven. 700c Entry 60c climb 925 high 18min hold 10 min Press at 5.5 bars with a phamtom sprue no problem!!
    2. John C

      John C Member Full Member

      Jun 2015
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      I will keep that in mind. So far anything that I have tried pressing below 934 high temp has yielded an incomplete press. Yesterday I pressed at 700 entry, 934 high ,17 minute hold, 6 minute press time and got a complete press, although slight pitting on occlusal surface. Very close to good results but not quite perfect. The day before I pressed at 700 entry, 934 high, 15 minute hold and 5 minute press time but came out incomplete. It was missing an area about 2.5 mm by 4mm wide. I'm going to do another test at same temp and lower the hold time by about 30 seconds or maybe one minute and see how it comes out.

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