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    Cubex 2

    Discussion in 'Zirconium' started by Gene, Jun 20, 2017.

    1. reesecuppers

      reesecuppers New Member Full Member

      May 2012
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      I like the Katana as well, but being able to customize the shade of the Cubex with shading liquids makes it a more versatile product. So if I have a 6 thru 11 case in A2, I'll definitely go for the Katana since it's basically dummy proof. But if I have a 6 and 7 in 5M3, I will go for the Cubex. The key for me was dialing in the sintering temp. every degree counts with Cubex. I use 1505 in my Sintra. And I calibrated with a ring prior to setting that, so it's a true temp. Plus, some shades I only see once in a blue moon, so I like not having to stock full pucks in every shade since I'm a one man show and who knows how long I'll have to hold on to it to use it up completely.

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